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"Priddy Peas" Discount

Calling all M.O.M.s aka Moms of Mutiples...

This page is for YOU!  As most of you know, Patrick and I are the very proud parents to boy/girl twins Jaxon and Journey.  They made our family double in size one snowy morning in January of 2011.  We can honestly say we have heard every comment about twins possible but the ones we quickly dispute is..."Two for the price of one!"...NO!!! It is definitely two for the price of TWO.  Yep, two times the formula, two times the diapers, two time the wipes, you get the point!  We thought when they starting drinking milk, eating table food, and conquered potty training that we had hit the lottery with all we saved...lol.  Now our "twin funds" just get spent on other twin FUN!!!  Anyway, with all that being said, we decided to offer something to our fellow Mothers of Multiples (MOMs).  If you have twins, triplets, quads, or more AND they both or all participate in our dance events, then you get your event fees at half price!!! 

For example...you take all of Sarah's event/competition fees and add them to Savannah's even/competition fees then divide in half and that is the fee your family would owe.  If you had triplets, you would add all three dancer's fees together and divide in half and that would be the fee your family would owe.

This discount is for Multiples ONLY! so if you had a set of twins then a singleton and they all dance...the discount would be for the twins ONLY!  Also, be sure to send in a pic of your multiples together as babies and a current one too as we will feature them in the event program book that you are participating in. 

Studio Directors/Teachers...this will not change your initial registration form as you just need to fill those out without the discount.  Just download the short extra form showing the "Priddy Pea" Discount and include it with your other forms and fees.

***Studio Owners/Directors/Teachers/Instructors,

please e-mail us at [email protected] for 

Priddy Peas Discount Forms and Fees