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2020 Ultimate Starz Dance Nationals
(Cancelled this year due to Covid-19!)

**June 25th-28th, 2020**

(Tentative Schedule at a Glance)

*Thursday, June 25th, 2020*

-Mr/Miss Ultimate Starz Interview/Photo Competition

-Mr/Miss Ultimate Starz Talent Competition

*Friday, June 26th, 2020*

-Mr/Miss Ultimate Starz Evening Wear Competition

-(8 & Under) Competition

-(8 & Under) Awards

-Mr/Miss Ultimate Starz Awards Ceremony

*Saturday, June 27th, 2020*

-(9-12) Competition

-(9-12) Awards

-Ultimate "All Starz" Practice

*Sunday, June 28th, 2020*

-Ultimate "All Starz" Performance

-Additional National Awards...

(Studio, Teacher, Dancer, and Role Model of the Year 

as well as National Prince & Princess)

-(13 & Up) Competition

-(13 & Up) Awards

**NOTE: The above schedule is EXTREMELY TENTATIVE pending needs once entries are received. The schedule above can and very likely will completely change as to when events will actually take place (times and days) so please be advised to plan for any event to take place on any of the days!!!!

(NOTE:  A detailed schedule/newsletter will be e-mailed out to each participating Studio director/instructor approximately 1 week prior to the event! Please direct any event questions to your studio teacher/director!)


Nationals will be held at 

Alexander Central Auditorium.

Address:  223 School Drive, Taylorsville, NC 28681


Although we do not have a "Host Hotel", type in the facility address for lodging options in the area!