How to access FREE Pics and Videos...


1.) Go to the Ultimate Starz Dance Era login page...

**NOTE: It is best to do the process below from a laptop for best results, however, if you wish to try from a phone, click the three dots at the top right hand corner of this log in page, scroll down, and click on “Desktop site” for easier viewing and access!


**On the right hand side of the login page, you will see "Parents - Dancers - Find Studio and Claim Account Here"...this is where each dancer “Claims” their dancer's account.

**Under "Parents - Dancers - Find Studio and Claim Account Here", you will see "Select Event"...scroll down and click on the "event your dancer participated in". You will also see "Studio"...scroll down and click on "your studio’s name". Then click on red box "Claim Account".

**This will take you to a page where you will see a list of dancers in your studio. Beside your dancer's name, you will see a green box that says "Claim”…(BE CAREFUL NOT TO CLICK ON THE WRONG NAME!).

**Once you click on that icon, it will ask for an e-mail address as well as ask for you to set a password. Type in both and click on a box to “agree to terms”…(BE SURE TO NOTE BOTH FOR LATER LOGIN!).


**Once you create an account, you will click on your dancer. It will take you to a page with your dancer’s name on it.

**You will need to “Login” (Top right hand corner) to your dancer’s account using the info you entered to “claim” your dancer. This will take you to your dancer’s page.

**Click on the “My Events and Critiques” box…this will take you to a page where you will see a list of the events your dancer has participated in.

**Click on the most recent event or event you wish to access…this will take you to a list of the routines your dancer was in for that particular event if they were registered for that routine.

**If pics and videos are available, out to the right side of the routine, you will see a file icon with “Photos/Videos ZIP” next to it.

**Click on “Photos/Videos ZIP” to download pics and videos for that routine. Do be aware it does take a minute or so for the zip files to download and then to open, but they will be worth the wait! :)

**PLEASE NOTE!!!...We are super excited to offer this feature FREE to our dancers as a huge Thank You!!! for being a USDP dancer. We also do our very best to have videos and pics taken for each routine, however, technology issues sometimes happens and may not allow us to offer them for a routine. We do apologize if this happens as things are sometimes out of our control. Thank You! for your understanding and Thank You! for your support of USDP!!!