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Hello USDP dance family and friends! We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe! We want everyone to know we have been missing you all bunches and have been working very hard to not let our 20th year end on such a sad note! We are crossing our fingers and toes to still be able to celebrate with LOTS of you and to see everyone this summer! Check out the info below for more details...

*** “2020 SUMMER TOUR”…

The following event dates are “confirmed” with these locations/facilities, HOWEVER, while we have been in touch with each facility and have AWESOME plans and procedures in place to ensure having a great event while following gathering and safety guidelines, it will be depending on what those state’s orders are at that time. As we all know, this seems to change frequently, therefore, we will of course keep everyone updated as we move forward!

* July 25th ~ Roanoke, VA ~ (The Jefferson Center)

* August 2nd ~ Elkin, NC #1 ~ (ANDC Family Venue)

* August 16th ~ Elkin, NC #2~ (ANDC Family Venue)

ALSO....we have confirmed our 2020 USDP Fall Convention in King, NC for November 7th/8th too!!!


* REGISTRATION is NOW OPEN to ALL studios...

Studio Owners/Directors...CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

This registration is for those studios who were already registered to attend a 2020 spring event AS WELL AS those studios that while had not previously planned to join us, now would like to pending space availability. 

*NOTE to ALL STUDIOS!!!.... Please reach out to us ASAP! via e-mail or FB message and let us know your wishes of which of our “2020 Summer Tour” events you plan/wish to participate in so we can go ahead and start making note of your entries on our end!


* We will NOT be having a title competition this year. We feel that our current title holders did not have the year we had hoped for them to have, therefore, we will instead be re-crowning our reigning 2019-2020 title holders for another year. We hope to do that at our Taylorville, NC summer event!


While this is definitely not the way we would normally run an event, we feel this will be the best way to do everything.

* “Small Sessions”… 1-3 studios OR limited numbers of routines (solos, duos/duets, or trios) will compete in “Small Sessions”. Due to gathering guidelines, schedules and event details will be sent out to studios approximately one prior to each event...earlier if at all possible!

* Spectators... Sadly we will have to limit number of those coming with each dancer to keep numbers within gathering guidelines. The exact number will depend on each facility’s guidelines at the time of the event and will be shared as soon as available to us! 

* Routines will compete like normal at a scheduled time, be scored like normal, videoed like normal, and pictures taken like normal. Each routine will also receive their adjudicated rating/trophy during their scheduled session. Special and Over-All awards will also be given pending type of session.

* Once your session is over, dancers/attendees will leave promptly and the studio(s)/dancers performing in the next session will come in and have their time on stage.

* A “Special Virtual Awards Ceremony” will then be scheduled during the following week to announce additional awards.

*** THANK YOU!!!!…

Patrick and I want to say THANK YOU! sooooo very much for all your continued love, patience, kindness, and support during this crazy time! We appreciate you all bunches and have always said we are beyond blessed to have the best dance event family around!!! Studio owners/directors, we look forward to hearing from you all real soon! Dancers and dance families, if you have any questions, please direct them to your studio owners/directors as we will be keeping in touch with them with all the latest details as they become available! Stay safe and well as we are crossing our fingers and toes we will see you and your dance families real soon!

Big hugs,

Monika & Patrick Priddy

"Ultimate Starz Dance Productions"