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2018 Ultimate Starz Dance Nationals




Schedule at a glance for

JUNE 14th-17th, 2018

*Mr/Miss Ultimate Starz Interview/Photogenic
*Mr/Miss Ultimate Starz Evening Wear

*Mr/Miss Ultimate Starz Talent
*(8 & under) Competition
*(8 & under) Awards
*Mr/Miss Ultimate Starz Awards

*(9-12) Competition
*(9-12) Awards)
*"All Starz" Check-in
*"All Starz" Practice

*"All Starz" Final Practice
*"All Starz" Performance
*Special Awards
*(13 & up) Competition
*(13 & up) Awards

(NOTE:  The above schedule is VERY TENTATIVE and subject to being completely rearranged pending entries and event needs.  A detailed schedule/newsletter will be e-mailed out to each participating Studio director/instructor approximately 1 week prior to the event...earlier if everyone is on time with their entries!)


Alexander Central Auditorium in Taylorsville, NC.

223 School Drive, Taylorsville, NC 28681


Although we do not have a "Host Hotel", type in the facility address for lodging options in the area!