General Event Rules and Regulations

1.) "Ultimate Starz Dance Productions" and its staff and the event facility and its staff will not be held responsible for loss, theft, and/or injury.

2.) Questions concerning event info, forms, and fees may be sent in via e-mail, Facebook message, or phone call by studio or dance team owners, directors, or instructors ONLY!!!!!  

Parents, dancers, family, and friends...if you have any questions, please address them to your studio or dance team owners as they will have all the updated event information!  

3.) Registration Deadline is four (4) weeks prior to each event date!!!!  Please get your entries in on time so we can confirm schedules and awards in a timely manner and can get that always highly anticipated detailed info out to participating studios ASAP!  

*PLEASE NOTE!!!!...don't delay in getting your entries in as we always keep out events cozy for both our dance families and crew and limit registrations received for each event.  Reserve your spots TODAY as we have had to close registrations to full events well before the deadline!


4.) Entries may be sent in from studio or dance team owners, directors, or instructors ONLY!  We do not accept independent entries.

5.) Spectator fee to Competition is FREE!  There is a Convention (workshop) Spectator fee of $40.00 (both days-NC)...$25 (1 day-(NC))...$15 (1/2 day-TN) and will be taken at the door.

6.) All decisions by the VERY QUALIFIED panel of judges are FINAL!!!

7.) Competition directors reserve the right to combine and/or divide age divisions and/or categories.  Competition directors also reserve the right to add change day(s) to events if needed pending number of entries.  We generally plan for a 2 day event (12 & under on Saturday and 13 & up on Sunday), HOWEVER, days (could even be just one day and held on either Saturday OR Sunday) for what ages will compete and when depend upon entries received for that event and can vary greatly from event to event!

8.) All Competition props MUST be set-up and removed promptly (with-in routine time limit) and safely as to not damage the floor or facility.

9.) Music will be accepted on high quality CD, media player, or jump drive and MUST be labeled with routines in order of performance. BE SURE TO BRING EXTRA COPIES OF ALL MUSIC as well as any cords needed to plus into our system!  Please note that we have noticed issues with media players wanting to not connect with their jack/port and sometimes have frequency interference issues as well.

10.) Sportsmanlike conduct is a MUST at "USDP" events, anything less could result in DISQUALIFICATION without refund.  A 6 foot Sportsmanship trophy will be awarded at the competition directors’ discretion.  NEW!!!!...Due to the overwhelming showing of AWESOME Sportsmanship at our events making it tougher and tougher for us to choose the winners, we are letting YOU! our dancers choose our Sensational Sportsmanship winners.  Each studio will be given one vote towards the studio they think shows the best USDP Sportsmanship!

11.) Please remember that this is a professional as well as family oriented event, so please NO inappropriate actions, movements, music, costumes, etc. is welcome or allowed. Anything inappropriate could result in disqualification without refund.  Judges are given several opportunities on their score sheets to deduct points or even disqualify a routine for any of the above and as we all know, every point counts!

12.) Ratings will be given to each routine...(Ultimate Platinum, Platinum, Ultimate Gold, Gold).  Fabulous awards will be given to Over-All high scoring routines and special awards will be given as well!  Also, each dancer that performs in a group routine will be awarded a participation trophy on stage during the awards session!

13.) Top Dancers will be selected at each regional event to participate as an Ultimate "All Starz” dancer.  This group performs during our yearly National Finals.

14.) There is NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY allowed as this is very distracting to the dancers AND judges!  Judges have been known to comment as well as deduct points for this distraction as well!

15.) There is NO VIDEOING ALLOWED at our USDP events! We are excited to introduce having a professional videographer on hand at each event to video each studio's routines.  A copy of those videos will be given to that studio for their viewing only. If for some reason our videographer is not at an event, each studio will be allowed ONE video camera to record THEIR STUDIO'S ROUTINES ONLY! PLEASE, please, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE US HAVE TO STOP AN EVENT DUE TO THOSE VIOLATING THIS POLICY!

16.) All event fees are non-refundable and non-transferable!!!

***Studio Teachers/Owners:  E-mail us and ask us about our special "Teacher Appreciation Program"!